About Our Business

There are many different landscaping companies that you can call for a variety of landscaping tasks. Sometimes though, choosing a landscaping company can be difficult, especially when there are landscaping companies claiming to offer the best rates and services. We know that there are many other landscaping companies around, but when you decide to work with us here at Escalante Tree & Landscaping, you are going to be working with a team of professionals who have been serving this region for many years. We let the review do the speaking for us. All of our clients and customers are ecstatic to have had us work for them. We make sure that we work in an effective and efficient way, every single time. All of the workers know what needs to be done, and they ensure that we get the work done in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our landscape contractors have also worked with all sorts of plants and flowers, so we are going to be able to care for your property and ensure that it is going to be able to grow and thrive for the future.

Whether you need basic yard work done, or whether you need an entire landscape transformation, we are the experts that are going to be able to do that for you. We know what is required of this work, and we always bring the tools and the equipment that is required for the job. We are proud to serve you, and we look forward to it!