Professional tree service is a far better strategy for tree care and maintenance than do-it-yourself approaches when you want healthy trees. Your landscaping is a vital component of what makes your property look so attractive and it’s an investment in the market value of your home. But whether you want to sell you property or keep it for years to come tree care services are important to protect your trees from disease and the harsh conditions that summer, winter, fall and spring seasons bring to the reason. Your trees provide a better quality of life and are good for the environment and keeping them healthy is a good investment. Escalante Tree  & Landscape Service is a well regarded tree company that can help you maintain and restore your trees.

About Us

As a fully licensed, certified and insured tree care service, we are perfectly placed to provide you with top rated approaches for health trees. Escalante Tree & Landscape Service is a decades old tree care service provider and we have the knowledge and skills to promote the growth of trees and the state of the art equipment to remove them should they prove unsalvageable. Our region of the country faces harsh weather and your trees may be vulnerable to heavy storms, damaging them beyond repair. Our tree care service provides clients with careful evaluation and detailed plans of action that can restore the health of your trees. We only use approaches that are well proven and environmentally sustainable.

Our Services

If you’re seeking a tree company that has exceptional knowledge about a wide variety of trees and bushes, Escalante Tree & Landscape Service is a top rated service provider. There are a multitude of tree species in the region that are both indigenous and imported and our well trained and certified arborist possess extensive knowledge about their care and maintenance. Whether you require tree removal or safe strategies to protect your property from wild fires, we are at your service with exceptional customer attention. Trees provide a great deal of benefits when they are healthy and we can help protect their lifespan when diseases, pest infestations and harsh weather conditions wreak havoc on them.

Tree Removal

Sadly, not every tree can be saved. Whether your tree is dying or diseased or you need the space for other purposes, we conduct safe and efficient tree removal services. Rather than attempting a do-it-yourself approach, you can call upon our professional services to remove your trees. Our arborists offer deep knowledge of tree removal that prevents property damages and personal injury. You can expect that we use state of the art equipment and well proven methods of tree removal.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the perfect strategy for keeping your trees healthy and safe on your property. Falling limbs and branches could very well jeopardize your personal property as well as cause personal injury and liability. When you call us, we will provide you with a free estimate for regular tree trimming that ensure healthy trees that live to their full lifespan.

“Escalante Tree Service was able to save several of our trees we thought were too diseased to remain on our property. Their arborist have really good knowledge about a wide variety of tree species and we highly recommend them to everyone.” – Hannah B.

Wild Fire Mitigation

Wild fires in your community are a scary prospect, but you can protect your property and minimize the damages by calling a professional tree care service for mitigation strategies. Premier Tree Service has decades of experience helping clients by providing careful evaluation to determine the necessary safety measures that should be employed. Whether it’s scheduling routine maintenance for your trees or conducting tree removal and bush removal to ensure that dead and dying vegetation do not create vulnerabilities on your property.

Storm Damage Cleanup

You have enough to worry about after a storm than to consider long hours of clean up after the damage. Flooding and felled trees can wreak havoc on your property and the longer these issues are delayed, the more vulnerable your property becomes to issues like mold and fungus. But with our storm damage cleanup crew, we are quickly and efficiently able to clean up the mess, while you take care of other equally important matters.

“A tree fell in our driveway last year and they came right away to help us get rid of it and they gave us some great suggestions for making sure it didn’t happen again to our other trees.” – Anita W.

Stump Removal

You wanted more space in your front or back yard to plant more vegetation but your tree stumps are proving difficult to navigate around. Plus, you might also be facing an impending pest infestation if you don’t get rid of them soon. This is when our exceptional services come in handy. We provide efficient and fast stump removal that is careful and gives you the space you need for your new home improvement projects.

Tree Emergency Service

Emergencies are often hard to predict and but when they occur you want a top rated tree care service to ensure that your property and your trees are well cared for. Premier Tree Service provides exceptional care and we are offer clients our decades of experience as certified professional arborist. When you have an emergency from a fallen tree or you believe yours is vulnerable to damage from upcoming weather, we can provide you with a careful evaluation. Our approach to tree care uses well-proven and successful methods to preserve and restore the health of your trees.

“These guys really know about trees and we hired them to attend to all of our properties and we wouldn’t ever use another tree service.” – Fritz H.

Contact Us Today

Contact us for emergency service or routine tree care and we will take care of your property with the quality and care you expect from a top rated company. Our arborists are ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the health of your trees and we provide you with a free estimate of services you can trust as well proven methods of tree care. We take great pride in our reputation as a tree service and our clients know us as exception customer service providers. You can expect to reach us by phone, email, text message, and on our social media accounts. We offer a wide variety of services that provide you with peace of mind that your trees are well cared for by experts in the field.s.