Stump Removal

You’ve just cut down a few trees on your property and now all that’s left are stumps litterling your front and backyard. Tree stumps don’t boost your curb appeal or do much to improve your quality of life. But stump removal by Escalante Tree Service can improve the look of your property and free space for you to do something new. Our tree removal service provides efficient and fast removal of tree stumps for clients all over the region. When you have tree stumps you want removed from your property we are a top rated company that uses state of the art equipment and a tree service team that is expertly trained.

Create Better Curb Appeal and Free Space

Where once you had a perfect tree, now stands a mere memory, which is a ghost of its former glory in your front or backyard. A tree stump doesn’t do most property owners any good to remain. They may be taking up space and impeding your ability to plant other greenery and they also are likely an eyesore. If the aesthetics of your property are important to you, stump removal is a option that can help you transform your lawn or tree line into a better looking landscape. Tree stumps can use up a great deal of space, particularly under the ground where tree roots can extend far beyond what you are seeing with the naked eye. You would be replacing tree stumps with a multitude of beautiful greenery.

Increase Safety

When you have tree stumps around your property they could prove to be a safety hazard and are often better removed for the protection of you and anyone else entering your property. Our tree service conducts fast and efficient tree removal and stump removal, which can help you avoid accidents as well as liability issues. As a landowner you could very well be responsible for guests that trip and fall on your property if you are found to have been negligent. It’s just not worth the head and expense when you can instead rely on a professional tree removal service to assist you.

Reduce Pest Potential Pest Infestations

Long after you cut down a tree it will continue to grow due to the nutrients present in its root system. These nutrients will not only cause tree growth to continue, but will also attract and provide food for pests that will likely set up permanent camp in your tree stump. Pests like termites, carpenter ants and beetles are most often the culprits of tree stump pest infestations and over time they will find an entrance to other parts of your property and wreak havoc on your infrastructure. Many of these pest infestations are not detected until well after they have caused great damage.

Why Hire Us

When you consider the possible damage from accidents that tree stumps can cause and their unsightliness when left behind after tree removal service, it’s a far better strategy to remove them. Escalante Tree Service provides fast and efficient stump removal services that can free up the space you need to improve your landscaping. We are an affordable and professional tree service in the region.