Tree Emergency Service

Emergencies and accident are hard to predict and when it involved a tree hitting your roof or your car, it’s not only shocking, it can cost a great deal of money for repairs to restore your property to normal. But the one think you don’t have to worry about is emergency tree service. Escalante Tree Service is a professional tree care company that offers a full suite of services for even the most complex treatment and tree care service. We are certified, licensed and formally trained arborist that can provide you with the tree services when they need emergency services.


Trees can add a great deal of value to our property, they are good for the environment and they look beautiful when well care for but when storms blow through from rain or snow, they are often vulnerable to damage. Our tree service company team is formally trained to perform precise tree trimming after an emergency that ensures every branch and limb is removed that could cause accidents. There’s no need for you to climb ladders and access the condition of your trees when you can call upon our expert tree care. We have years of experience and calling a professional prevents accidents because you can rely on a highly skilled tree trimming and tree removal service to make accurate decisions.

Tree Expertise

We are well known in the region for our tree care service and expertise. You can expect our emergency tree service to provide you with accurate evaluation of your trees to ensure no harm comes to them or to your property. If you value the life of your trees, professional expertise is necessary to ensure that the right decisions are made regarding tree removal or tree trimming. As a top rated tree maintenance team we have a deep well of knowledge about a wide variety of tree species that are both indigenous and imported to the region. We will provide you with an accurate evaluation of strategies to protect the growth and well being of your trees.

Diseased Trees

Prevention Care

You need an expert tree service that can easily and accurately detect when your trees are sick and diseased. There are a great deal of warning signs and symptoms that a professional tree care service is easily able to see. We can tell you how advanced a disease is and the corrective measures needed to restore it to health. When you have tall older trees, it’s often difficult to detect warning signs and they are not visible to the untrained eye, but when you search for tree trimming service near me, our exceptional team is fully trained and experience to provide you with the tree emergency service you need to protect your landscaping and property.

Why Hire Us

When disease, high winds and heavy storm weather affect your trees there is only one tree service you can trust to restore their health. Escalante Tree Service provides exceptional services to ensure your trees are safe and that everyone who enters your property is unharmed by falling limbs and branches. Our tree service is a reliable and efficient response for urgent tree care.