Tree Trimming

As a homeowner you have a great deal of responsibility that includes home improvements and maintenance and this also included the trees on your property. when they are not given proper tree care service, their health is jeopardized and they become vulnerable to disease and in their weakened state could be damaged by storms and pest infestations. Escalante Tree Service is an excellent tree care service that provides prevention and diagnosis of tree problems that tree trimming is often able to resolve. Our tree care professionals are top rated in the regions and industry and we care about the environment as well as the protection of your property.

Promote Health

When you hire a tree care service, they should be promoting the health of your trees and tree trimming is such as strategy. Before trees are ridden with disease and pest infestations, it is often advisable the tree trimming is used as a form of prevention. This process gets rid of harmful effects before they are entrenched and difficult to get rid or become irreversible and cause death and tree removal. Escalante Tree Service promotes the health of your trees to ensure that every branch, limb and leaf is able to fight off pests infestations and disease before they develop. Tree trimming is a well proven strategy that removes dead and diseases limbs so that your tree is able to fight and remain alive season after season.

Curb Appeal

Everyone knows in the real estate market location matters and can affect the value of your home, but curb appeal also creates value. When your trees are beautiful and healthy trees they can serve as a great amenity and boost the image and perceived value of your property. Tree trimming keeps your trees looking good by getting rid of hanging branches and diseased limbs and ensuring that the areas that provide shade on your property are protected from rotting or falling pieces of your tree. We provide tree trimming that improves the look of your property and makes it attractive from the road as well as up for up close viewing. Our team can schedule and appointment with you for an evaluation and provide you with a free estimate of service and turn your landscaping into a showpiece with tree trimming.

Increase Safety

Trees with falling limbs and branches are dangerous trees and tree trimming is a safety prevention method that every property owner should consider. We’ve all heard news reports of falling tree branches and limbs that have devastated the roof of a home or crushed a vehile or hurt a person, leaving them in the hospital for days with serious injuries. But this doesn’t have to be a fate you face on your own property when you call Escalante Tree Service. Our tree trimming team evaluates the health of your trees and provides you with safe and accurate solutions for cutting away dead limbs and those in jeopardy of breaking when exposed to heavy wind and extreme weather.

Why Hire Us

If you have trees on your property, it’s vital to employ a tree care service that is adept at tree cutting and tree trimming. Our exceptional team is well trained and experienced to provide you with accurate and well-proven techniques to protect the health of your trees and the safety of your property.